‘God will forgive; not me!” Says girlfriend

‘God will forgive; not me!” Says girlfriend

The girlfriend of deceased stabbing victim, Joseph Herman, has declared that she will not forgive the woman who allegedly stabbed him to death.

Jacky Robert, the girlfriend, was present at court today when the murder suspect, Melissa Joseph made an appearance for the second time.

Asked whether she had been approached by the suspect’s family with an apology for what had happened, Robert replied in the negative.

She also made clear that she did not need any apology and that the family should ask God for forgiveness, not her.

Robert repeated claims she had made earlier that the justice system had failed her and Herman.

“If  it wasn’t  for the court system I would have my man. I want justice.  She has to get lifetime in prison because she has done too many things to me and my boyfriend,” Robert told reporters outside the courthouse today.

She also made it clear that she wants no one’s apology.

The matter, which has been delayed because of incomplete files, has been put down for a date in April to be continued.


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  1. daughter
    April 15, 2016 at 6:38 am Reply

    melissahas her ways but i know for afect she has suffered from young and her children has suffered because of it now i met them when i went on holidays at my mother they seem to be nice people and the woman can not forgive her thats not anybody problem than god a time they use to be close so .. melissa never killed that man !!

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