Henry says SLP best party for Saint Lucia

Henry says SLP best party for Saint Lucia

Joachim Henry, the ruling party candidate for Castries South East, has asserted that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is the best party for Saint Lucia at this time.

Speaking last night during the Choice Television programme – Hot Button Issue, Henry also described himself as being “different” and “real.”

“Joachim Henry is capable of uniting and people and bringing people together for better days in the Castries South East Constituency,” he declared.

He said his politics is about people.

“Let’s be patient with each other and continue to love. I think there are better days coming, not maybe in money but in having more love and better unity in our community,” Henry urged.

Pointing to recent figures from the Department of Statistics indicating a decrease in the unemployment rate, the SLP candidate observe that there was something positive going on in the economy and the government was doing something right.

“When you respond to difficult times and you put measures in place and your economy starts to grow there is something good that you are doing,” Henry explained.

He said he had no aspirations of leadership in the SLP, but if given an opportunity he would lead.

However Henry disclosed that at this point in time, leadership is far from his perspective.

“At this point what I would like to do is provide leadership at the level of the constituency,” he said.


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