Melissa Joseph murder case stalls

Melissa Joseph murder case stalls

The Melissa Joseph murder case has stalled, because the files have not been completed.

Joseph, who charged with causing the death of Joseph Herman, appeared in court today for a second time.

“The mater has not gone on any further, it has not progressed for the simple reason that they have not been able to complete the files,” her defence Attorney, Alberton Richelieu told reporters outside the court.

He said:

“I understand that they are awaiting some evidence from either the crime scenes officer and some other officer.”

Eyewitnesses allege that Joseph and a group of men attacked Herman on Jeremie Street on Old Year’s night.

He succumbed to his injuries on New Year’s day.

The female murder suspect is accused of having stabbed Herman, resulting in his death the following day.

The girlfriend of the deceased has said that Joseph was continually harassing them and had been incarcerated in the past for an attack on her.

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  1. Solly
    December 30, 2016 at 7:36 pm Reply

    I had the opportunity of sitting in open court in August this year where this case was being heard (preliminary stage). To be absolutely honest, Melissa (without any lawyer) had the prosecution team in a real muddle. They just could not keep up with her – quoting sections of the criminal code like she was a real professional. Even the sitting magistrate appeared impressed by her eloquence and knowledge of the law. Several times the sitting magistrate had to adjourn and retreat to the “back room” – only to reappear to even more pointed points of law from Melissa. To me Melissa appeared to be the one who had the skills and expertise – not the prosecution, not the police.

    I am now not surprised that these files have not yet been completed.

    Watch this space – Melissa will tear the prosecution to pieces.

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