Margaret Joseph speaks !

Margaret Joseph speaks !

Margaret Joseph, the mother of murder suspect – Melissa Joseph, has told reporters that the women who allegedly stabbed a man to death last year, began changing as she became an adult.

“I did not go to Victoria Hospital to give birth to a beast; I made a pretty dark baby weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces,” Joseph said outside the courthouse yesterday where her daughter made a second appearance.

She recalled that whilst growing up Melissa was a pleasant child who was fun to be with.

“No complaints, but you know along the way things changed but she still she has her bad and good ways,” Joseph said.

She suggested that jealousy may have been a factor in the change in her daughter’s personality.

Margaret Joseph disclosed that despite the murder charge against her daughter, Melissa is loved by her family.

“I am only now seeing her,” Joseph revealed, explaining that the reason was because she had been ashamed of the negative things people have been saying about her daughter.

The mother expressed the hope that the truth would prevail and that Melissa would be a free person to live a normal life and change, so that the society would see her as a different human being.

“It is she that has to do what is right,” Joseph declared.

Melissa Joseph is charged with causing the death of Joseph Herman who was attacked on Old Year’s day and succumbed to stab wounds the following day.

Herman sustained six stab wounds when he was attacked by a mob on Jeremie Street, his girlfriend Jacky Robert, in whose company he was at the time, reported.

Robert  had told the Times that the woman who was part of the mob and stabbed Herman had a long history of harassing the couple.

She disclosed that the couple had been up and down in court for some nine years to seek redress, to no avail.


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