Religious Minister on Christians in politics

Religious Minister on Christians in politics

Religious Minister, Doctor Franklin Bray, has suggested that there is no problem with Christians participating in elective politics.

However Bray, a Clinical Psychologist, has said that the place for a Christian as a politician has to be carefully chosen.

“When a Christian decides to place himself or herself as a political candidate, one has to remember that there is a lifestyle or some value system that should motivate and inform what is said and how the Christian relates to people,” he noted.

Bray observed that the ‘Christian politician’ should be concerned about slander and the venom with which things are said, as well as the level of anger that is exposed to the public.

“Christian values should drive those Christians who participate in politics,” Bray told the Times.

He declared that it was not true that Christians should abstain from politics since they have a voice to share in the process.

However Bray asserted that a Christian’s participation in the political process should be a lot more ‘guarded’ than the person who does not have Christian values.

“The place for the Christian is one that should be valued because Christians  now can participate in the process, can speak to the issues  and advocate on behalf of in individuals and speak against what is detrimental  to the society,” the Seventh Day Adventist Minister declared.

He discounted the notion that politics would corrupt a Christian, explaining that sin is what corrupts.

The Religious Minister said a Christian has to behave in a way that does not corrupt him or her.

Bray observed that like the political process, Christians have flaws.

“Where someone’s imperfections are exposed in a derogatory manner, a Christian should not participate,” Bray stated.







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  1. Sackawinkie
    April 10, 2016 at 12:22 pm Reply

    SDA family, read:-


    Chapter 61

    “We are NOT to compromise principle by yielding to the opinions and prejudices which we may have encouraged before we united with GOD’s Commandment-keeping people.
    We have enlisted in the army of the LORD, and we are “NOT” to fight on the enemy’s side, but on the side of CHRIST, where we can be a united whole, in sentiment, in action, in spirit, in fellowship.
    Those who are Christians indeed will be branches of the true vine, and will bear the same fruit as the vine.

    They will NOT wear political badges, but the badge of CHRIST.”

    What are we to do, then?
    Let political questions alone.!!!

    Nuf said: I rest my case….looking on, “how sad.”

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