Conservative politicians halting ganja progress?

Conservative politicians halting ganja progress?

The former Chairman of the Cannabis Movement, Andre De Caires, believes that conservative politicians in both major political parties are holding up progress on decriminalizing marijuana.

“I know some of the government Ministers personally and some of them are for,” De Caires told the Times.

However he said that conservative politicians are against the measure.

The former Chairman of the Cannabis Movement listed among them National Security Minister, Victor La Corbiniere, Health Minister Alvina Reynolds and Commerce Minister, Emma Hippolyte.

De Caires has called on the government to begin talks with the Cannabis Movement and the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari (ICAR).

He observed that both groups have been in the forefront of the movement to decriminalize marijuana.

According to De Caires, both organizations have recommendations they want to present to the current administration to create and advance policies on marijuana.

He told the Times that Social Transformation Minister, Harold Dalsan, has already taken the lead.

De Caires said:

“So we are appealing to the rest of the SLP government to go and listen to Mr. Dalsan. Let Mr. Dalsan be the point man and let the Cannabis Movement and ICAR the three of us together, discuss this issue.”

However he former Chairman of the Cannabis Movement observed that Saint Lucia is gearing up for an election this year.

He observed that the people who come out to vote are mainly the “old base” who are conservative and have a negative view of cannabis.

As a result De Caires said it was unlikely that the leaders of the two main political parties would come out in support of decriminalizing cannabis.

He asserted that if they do, the people who traditionally vote for the two main political parties election after election would be afraid to vote for them, since the leaders would be proposing something that is unpalatable to their conservative taste.





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