Prime Minister lauds Sports Personalities

Prime Minister lauds Sports Personalities

The 36th edition of the National Sports Awards was concluded on Saturday, February 13, 2016. Levern Spencer and Jordan Augier were named as Saint Lucia’s Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year. Spencer, a 31-year-old world-ranked high jumper, and 2015 Pan American Games champion, won her 13th title. Augier, an Olympic hopeful swimmer, won his first senior title, having been named Junior Sportsman of the Year in 2011. Awards were also presented on Saturday evening for winning athletes, teams, coaches, administrators, and districts.

Although he was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony extended his felicitations to the nominees, the winners, and the organisers, setting Ms. Spencer for specific mention.

Said Dr. Anthony:

“I must congratulate all of the award recipients, the teams and individuals who represented themselves, their families, their communities, and indeed all of Saint Lucia, to the very best of their capability through the 12 months past. It is truly heartening to see the volume of sport that has been included in the programme for Independence 37, and it is really gratifying to witness our youth benefitting from and taking full advantage of the investment that this Government has made in positioning them for success on and off the field of play.

“But amongst all of the winners, I think it is fitting that we single out Levern Spencer for special attention. What a tremendous example she is for our young people, our up and coming athletes in particular. But Levern is an exceptional example for all of us as proud and patriotic Saint Lucians. Her dedication to her craft, her tremendous self-confidence and ambition, her dignity, and above all, her ability to compete with the very best in the world – these are the attributes that make her a champion worthy of celebration, and worthy of emulation.

“This is part of the fabric of who we are as a people, and it was telling that Levern once again matched her Caribbean record on the same day she was being lauded by the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, who staged an excellent and well-received ceremony.

“To those who were not recognised on the night, I encourage you to keep striving for the top. Remain steadfast, and you will reap the rewards.”

Among the other winners, Jamaica-based sprinter Julien Alfred and West Indies youth cricketer Johnnel Eugene were named Junior Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year, whilst Soufriere were named as the top sporting district.

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