Errol Alexander says: “I am not a politician!”

Errol Alexander says: “I am not a politician!”

Errol Alexander, Saint Lucia’s Acting Police Commissioner, has confirmed that he will not be remaining in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Alexander had applied last year for the top position in the force.

But he told reporters today that he had no idea of why the process was scrapped, applications rejected and the post of Police Chief re-advertised.

The re-advertising of the post came against the backdrop of reports that there had been a legal challenge to the process from a senior officer.

There were also reports that the government was in favour of the appointment of former Police Inspector, Vern Guard as Commissioner.

Guard is currently Director of Corrections.

“I applied because I was interested in staying but I have feelings too like everybody else, not me alone but my family has feelings. I will go back to civilian life and catch up on what I have missed – being with his family,” Errol Alexander explained.

Asked whether he believed that politics played a part in the situation, Alexander said he did not know.

He asserted that he is not a politician and that when he joined the RSLPF he did so to make policing a career.

Alexander observed:

“I have never sided with any political party whatsoever because I said to myself that is one of the things that can easily destroy your career, so I remained focused on policing.”

The acting Police Commissioner, whose term ends next month, noted that it was compulsory that he go on retirement.

He stated that the only regret he has is that there were some resources that were needed to enable the RSLPF to perform better, but had not been obtained because of budgetary and financial constraints.

“I had to make do with the little that I had,” he recalled.

He said that he was confident in the current executive of the RSLPF which he described as good, well qualified and zealous and he reiterated earlier calls for the many acting appointments to be confirmed.

According to Alexander, confirmation would engender confidence and contribute to stability in the RSLPF.




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