Raise Your Voice : Rape is domestic terrorism

Raise Your Voice : Rape is domestic terrorism

Castries, Saint Lucia, Tuesday 17th February 2016: Raise Your Voice condemns the continuous violence inflicted on our women and young girls.

Raise Your Voice condemns the continuous raping and destruction of our women and young girls that is plaguing our society.

As an organisation advocating for the rights of women and children who are victims of such horrendous acts, we declare zero tolerance to those perpetrators who feel that they can violate a woman without provocation.

This is not sex, this is the most destructive act of violence.

Raise Your Voice is declaring that we have had enough! We will no longer sit back and take what seems to be a daily occurrence in our society, however, we can’t do this alone.

We therefore call on every law abiding citizen to make it your duty to come forward with any information that can help the police to bring these perpetrators to justice.

This horrific act is no longer a person to person infliction of violence but should be viewed as an act of domestic terrorism, therefore we need to come together and seek ways to eradicate this enemy before it becomes endemic in our society.

Where domestic terrorism is imposed on our society, it is time to strike back and become vigilant in our reporting.

Every positive move is a step toward to eradicating this act of violence.

Sexual violence is classified among the world’s most vicious crime. It not only affects the victim but society as a whole.

We are caught in a ripple effect where it not only destroys the victim, affects his/her family, drives fear into the hearts of women, but affects productivity as well as the economy.

The need could not be more urgent to strike drawing attention to the two latest reports of separate incidents within days, one in the privacy of the victim’s home and the most recent incident yesterday where a young lady was raped during that day at her place of employment.

When we thought that the incidence of violence had died down only to be faced with the devious and calculating characters who wait for the most opportune moment to pounce on the next victim.

Raise Your Voice is appealing to everyone to take a stand and protect yourselves by being more aware of your surroundings.

We urge you to be wary of persons who might enter your establishment who might look suspicious. Protect yourself and your family.

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