Minister says crime spikes socially related

Minister says crime spikes socially related

National Security Minister, Victor La Corbiniere, has asserted that crime spikes, including an upsurge in rapes, is socially related.

“I have been saying over the last few years that where we are seeing spikes in crime we can directly relate this to the whole issue of what is happening at the social level in the society,” the Minister has said.

La Corbiniere said that he is of the view that if there is going to be a “serious” reduction in criminal activity over the next few years, there must be a parallel commitment to addressing social issues in the short, medium and long term.

He asserted however that human behavior cannot be changed in the short term.

“Generally this is a medium to long term intervention that you need to put in place, so my concern really is I think that as a country we have to really think of putting more resources into dealing with these social issues,” La Corbiniere observed.

He made reference to the family support system and the way families are raising children, single parent families and the fact that females are having children at a younger age.

He stated:

“What support systems are we putting in place this for me is going to be the deciding factor to determine whether Saint Lucia in the long term will have a fairly good control over crime or not.”

La Corbiniere disclosed that at his Ministry, the intervention  in terms of crime spikes is mainly containment.

“We are containing crime actively or reactively, but unless we address the social issues we are not going to see the fundamental change in behavior and criminal activity,” the Minister declared.

He observed however that the crime statistics continue to be generally good in the sense that there has been a decline in some key areas, including murders.

Nevertheless the Minister explained that underlying social issues relating to crime must be addressed as part of a whollistic approach to the problem.



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