Alvina Reynolds condemns latest rapes

Alvina Reynolds condemns latest rapes

Gender Relations Minister, Alvina Reynolds, has said that she is appalled that after all that has been said perpetrators continue to violate women an instill fear.

Reynolds was responding to reports of recent rapes on the Island.

Shee noted that education and sensitizing begin in the home and must continue.

Reynolds said:

“What do we teach our boys, how do we teach them to respect the rights of people not only women but people, how they behave with their own sisters girlfriends, wives, their own children?”

The Minister, who is also responsible for health, asserted that what is done in the home spirals out of control into the whole society, resulting in women being in fear and not feeling comfortable going to work, engaging in leisure and doing the basic things that men do.

Reynolds revealed plans for a consultation to put together recommendations on the way forward.

She recalled having proposed the use of pepper spray.

“ I am looking at karate classes, self defence. We are going to put some of these on the table for us women in the society,” Reynolds declared.

She asserted that the Police, the Department of Human Services and the Ministry of Health alone cannot contain the problem.

“It is a call for all organizations, agencies and groups, churches and NGO’s to rally and men’s clubs wherever they socialize to add voices to see how they can change the behavior of perpetrators,” the Minister said.






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  1. Lababad
    February 19, 2016 at 12:19 pm Reply

    A Sex Offender Registry is a good start. We have been talking about this for ages in St. Lucia. Name the group, and they have talked about it. Prosafe, Flavia Cherry, Zandoli, Taj Weeks and TOCO, Dr. King, Women’s groups…ALL have spoken out about this, and not to mention the countless men, women, girls, and boys who have told their stories and the horrible ordeals they faced. What more do you want to talk about Alvina? It is time to take some decisive action. The victims are not interested in sound bites and fancy talk in an election year when every opportunity is used to score cheap political points. Have you called the Justice minister or organized a serious tete a tete to plan a real strategy?

  2. Curious
    February 19, 2016 at 9:57 pm Reply

    Why isnt Alvi talking to La Corbinere? He is the man for law and order. He needs to be woken up and made to start earning his salary

  3. Anonymous
    February 20, 2016 at 9:42 am Reply

    Most of them need to be woken up! Starting with their leader as if you have ministerz not performing you need to take action. So if its accepted what you expect from Alvina and LaCorbinere?????? They right

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