CDF and LIME Unite to Support St. Lucia’s Cultural Sector

CDF and LIME Unite to Support St. Lucia’s Cultural Sector

The Cultural Development Foundation and St. Lucia’s leading telecommunications provider, LIME have entered into a partnership that will provide a major boost to the CDF and its cultural development programs.

In a landmark collaboration, the two organizations have signed a sponsorship agreement through which LIME will provide the CDF with a contribution of EC$120,000 in cash and kind to assist the CDF with its efforts at providing increased training and development facilities and programs to further advance Saint Lucia’s cultural sector. The formal contract signing was held on Monday at  the CDF headquarters, Barnard Hill.

In 2013 the Cultural Development Foundation shifted its focus to training and development programs in arts and culture. Since then their goal has been to try and secure financial support for these programs. At Monday’s signing the organization welcomed LIME as one of its first sponsors for this endeavour. 

The signing of the agreement between the CDF and LIME marks the beginning of a long-term relationship and makes LIME the first ever Platinum Sponsor of the Cultural Development Foundation.

Speaking on behalf of the CDF and St. Lucia’s creative community, CDF Director of Business Development, Finola Jennings-Clarke expressed gratitude for the support from LIME.

“We welcome LIME St. Lucia as our very first Platinum Sponsor. We greatly appreciate their support and we look forward to their continued positive consideration of our efforts to build substantial programming in the arts.and culture,” Ms Jennings-Clark added.

CDF Executive Director, Melchoir Henry also expressed his gratitude for LIME’s sponsorship. “We want our training programs to be more substantial, so that an individual who engages in a particular form of the arts, whether it is dance, theatre or other art forms, will be able to see a future for themselves and they will begin to look at our programs as the point at which they enter into something which will become a profession for them. We can’t do that without the sponsorship and support of the corporate sector. So we believe that having established this relationship with LIME, we’re hoping it will encourage others.”

LIME St. Lucia Country Manager, Geraldine Pitt said LIME’s partnership with the CDF represents part of the company’s continuing commitment to respond to the needs of local communities in ways that impact positively on people’s lives.

“We believe this partnership will help to encourage greater community participation in the development and promotion of St. Lucian arts and culture. We hope it will encourage the youths, in particular, to get even more involved in CDF programs and activities,” Ms Pitt added. 

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