Crisis Centre speaks out on rape

Crisis Centre Counselor, Faith St Catherine, has said that one of the problems in the society is that there are “unhealthy” sexual practices and values.

St Catherine was speaking against the backdrop of several recent incidents of rape.

The Crisis Centre official asserted that the increasing number of rapes is an indication that there are a lot of young men who are troubled.

According to her, people who commit rape have an unrealistic view of life and do not have normal relationships.

Noting that the Crisis Centre works not only with victims but with perpetrators as well, St Catherine appealed to families with troubled youth to seek help and hide the problem or pretend that it does not exist.

She also appealed for more support services for troubled families while lamenting that there is a lack of proper role models.

She said:

“One of my concerns as a Counselor is what happens to children who have no proper role models; children whose father is incarcerated, what happens to them?”

St Catherine asserted that the values that are being imposed on children need to be examined as well as attitudes towards women and children.

“We tend to make men and boys feel that being sexually active and exploiting women is powerful and manly, but we need to get rid of that attitude,” she declared.

She explained that rape is about power, control and anger and not about sex for the most part.

St Catherine observed that the Crisis Centre will not be able to solve all problems.

But she felt that with a collaborative effort, a better perspective and guidance can be given in terms of directing people who need help.


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