Pregnant woman attacks teenage female

Pregnant woman attacks teenage female

An eighteen year old female, identified as Chevy Stephen, 18, sustained a broken nose, a dislocated shoulder and other injuries when she said she was attacked on Tuesday of this week by a pregnant woman and another female.

The teenager told the Times that the incident occurred at about 9:PM in Piaye, Laborie.

According to reports, Stephen was on the sidewalk and happened to make body contact while passing with the pregnant woman who was identified as a friend of her father.

Stephen reported that after the contact was made, the woman started hurling insults at her.

She told the Times that she recalled telling the woman that she was not afraid of her, whereupon the woman slapped her.

According to Stephen, the assailant’s sister joined in and both started kicking and punching her until she collapsed on the ground.

She told the Times that some men who witnessed the incident intervened and she was later taken to the hospital with multiple injuries.

Stephen, who lives with her mother, disclosed that her father, and mother are currently going through a divorce.

Family members have said that the father’s woman friend has had a history of insulting and physically assaulting Stephen and her sister.

They say that the situation has been ongoing for the past eight years and that a number of complaints have been filed with the Police.

One family member recalled that about three years ago a Magistrate had placed the assailant on a bond after an incident in which she attacked Stephen’s sister.

Police are investigating the latest incident.


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