UWP: Time to cut Juffali loose

UWP: Time to cut Juffali loose

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Friday, February 19, 2016 – The United Workers’ Party urges the Kenny Anthony Administration to do the right thing and revoke Dr. Walid Juffali’s diplomatic status to protect the interests of St Lucia, limit the reputational damage caused, and to counteract the fervent suspicions surrounding his appointment.

This Party warned the Government months ago that St. Lucia would be viewed unfavourably in international diplomatic circles if they took a hard line on the issue of Dr. Juffali’s diplomatic immunity.

The Anthony Administration refused to heed our well-intentioned advice, instead resorting to cheap political and personal slurs.

Our country’s reputation has suffered significantly as a result of this Administration’s refusal to act.

A UWP government would do the right thing for the people of St. Lucia. And one of our first actions, should we be elected, would be to remove Dr. Juffali and appoint a St. Lucian to represent our interests at the International Maritime Organisation.

We will focus on rebuilding St. Lucia’s credibility in the diplomatic community.

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