Tracking devices being considered for suspects

Tracking devices being considered for suspects

National Security Minister, Victor La Corbiniere, has said that authorities here are considering the use of tracking devices for suspected criminals, as a means of helping to reduce the remand population at Bordelais prison.

“We are bringing back on board the possible use of tracking devices so that you can use ankle bracelets to perhaps put on individuals to allow them a certain degree of latitude and freedom, pending the hearing of their matters,” the Minister disclosed.

He asserted that there are a number of issues relating to the current significant remand population in prison.

According to La Corbiniere, one of those issues that local authorities have faced over the past two years is the fact that there are so many problems with the physical structure of the courts.

He declared that the problem has disrupted the flow of hearings over a period of time.

“One other issue may well be that we have to look at the possibility of supporting an additional Judge for a period of time to clear up some of this backlog, but that has severe cost implications and these are cost implications at a difficult time,” the Minister explained.

He said that a number of possibilities are being examined with a view to bringing down the remand population and deal more speedily with remand cases.

La Corbiniere, and Attorney at Law, revealed that in many instances the matters that are coming before the courts are being adjourned for various reasons.

“We are looking to see how we can deal with that issue,” he remarked.

La Corbiniere also observed that sometimes the issue related to Attorneys and Prosecutors who are not prepared to move forward with the matter.

“That really is completely outside of my hands in most instances because a matter concerning the Police not acting, then the Commissioner of Police must get involved to ensure that the matter moves ahead,” the Minister stated.

Figures for the second week in January, 2016, indicate that there were 347 males on remand, compared to 254 who had been sentenced.

For the same period, ten females were also on remand, compared to four who had actually been sentenced.




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  1. TonyTheLucian
    March 1, 2016 at 11:11 am Reply

    Dear Sir, before you consider tracking devices can you please get our “dummy” CCTV cameras up and running. You can’t even deal with what you have but you’re looking for something else.

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