Antigua: Sick inmates can sue

Antigua: Sick inmates can sue

Inmates who contract contagious diseases at Her Majesty’s Prison can take action against the state for violating their human rights.

A Grenadian Human Rights Activist, Milton Coy said, “Action can be contemplated when there is evidence that the state, that has an obligation to provide those basic human rights are not doing it.”

Coy made the statement against the backdrop of two inmates at Her majesty’s Prison being confirmed, last week, with MRSA

Crowding more than 380 people into a confined space built to house only 150, in unsanitary conditions, has been blamed for the spread of chickenpox and most recently Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Coy said prisoners can take their plight to the courts.

“We are governed by International Human Rights Law, and the issue of human rights has to be across the board. And, so, the issue of maintaining a clean environment is an obligation. “Governments and the system should take all necessary measures to make sure that all inmates are protected. It’s an obligation that the state has under several human rights treaties,” Coy declared.

The civil rights activist said conditions must conform to international human rights standards, whether it be at a school, nursing homes, hospitals and even prison.

While he recognizes the financial constraints of regional governments, the activist said basis human rights should not be compromised and neglected, as these are the responsibilities the government signed on to.


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