Chastanet gives thumbs down to ferry service

Chastanet gives thumbs down to ferry service

Michael Chastanet, one of Saint Lucia’s leading businessmen, has given the thumbs down to proposals for a regional ferry service.

Chastanet was responding to a question from a caller to the DBS Television programme – TALK, with host, Rick Wayne.

The caller wanted to know the businessman’s thoughts on the creation of a ferry service given reliability issues with the regional airline, LIAT.

“I don’t think a ferry service is viable and I will tell you why; because between Martinique and Saint Lucia is short but the seas to Barbados St Vincent are far too rough,” Chastanet said.

The businessman added:

“I think what would be great is a small four to five hundred ton vessel with containers to move vegetables around and it can move a few people like the hucksters.”

Chastanet noted that the current ferry service between Martinique and Saint Lucia does extremely well because it is a short haul.

He proposed that people could use a boat to move their produce, and fly to their destination.

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  1. Mary
    February 22, 2016 at 12:45 pm Reply

    I think a ferry service would be a very good idea. I have been talking about that for years. For argument sake the seas beig too rough is not an argument, because cruise ships sail choppier waters than that everyday, get a bigger boat. It can be done. I think the mention of a boat for produce and take a flight is not feasible, just remember when you get there you would have to go to a diferent process to clear these produce whereas having your produsts with you is a one step process on the same boat. Having the produce on a different vessel could be a troublesome [rocess. Sometimes you may not be able to have your produce available to sell the same day. U think a larger ferry for this service sounds like the best idea.

  2. Anonymous
    February 22, 2016 at 2:23 pm Reply

    With Liat prices inter island, this guy is seriously suggesting you add the cost of a return flight to the freight rate?

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