SLP congratulates Sir Vaughan Lewis

SLP congratulates Sir Vaughan Lewis

Former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Professor Vaughan Lewis was one of three Saint Lucians named as a recipient of the Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Lucia Award. The announcement was made during the Independence Day Parade held at the Mindoo Philip Park on Monday, February 22, 2016.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party congratulates Professor Lewis on this achievement and honour. Professor Lewis has served Saint Lucia and the region with distinction in various capacities and now serves as the International Relations Officer for the SLP. 

The knighthood which is a first for Saint Lucia, was awarded under the National Honours and Awards Act. According to the Act, Knight Commander or Dame Commander of the Order of Saint Lucia “may be awarded to any person who has rendered exceptional and outstanding service of national importance to Saint Lucia.” 

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  1. Observer
    February 23, 2016 at 4:10 pm Reply

    Honestly as a St. lucian I am ashamed. Yesterday he was denigrated as toujou su, Lara, Bounty and all the degrading things as described by our Prime Minister in his book. Not fit to run a country. Today and by the same persons he qualifies four our nation’s highest award.
    Is that what we will teach the young in our country? Is that the kind of start and respect the government will give to that award.
    Is that a sincere award based on national merit or on political flip floping

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