Magdalene Cooman to release 2nd Edition of Mags Magazine – Soulful Encounters

Magdalene Cooman to release 2nd Edition of Mags Magazine – Soulful Encounters

Magdalene Cooman will be releasing the second edition of her magazine, Mags Magazine, in March, 2016. This edition is titled: Soulful Encounters. The first edition was released in December; 2014.

This edition is focused on creating a magazine that is inspirational. Magdalene shares her personal stories and that of friends, who have made a positive difference in the lives of others. However, Mags Magazine is not a magazine filled with commercials that are totally unrelated to inspiration and assisting her readers in overcoming challenges.

Magdalene has carefully designed the Magazine into five major themes: Travel Inspiration, Live Your Future Now, Live with Passion, Soul Talk and Stepping Up. This makes reading easier. One reader pointed out that there is something in there for everyone.

Mags Magazine presents you with a blend of stories which will inspire and sometimes guide you towards living an authentic life. These stories are authentic and the author and characters whose stories are being told are real, honest, grass roots people who are guided to live their lives through their soul mission. They are not shy to share their struggles, failures, anxieties and fears with you and very often, you will find glimpses of your own life, through them.

These folks do not have sufficient time to live healthy life styles. Their homes are not perfect. They may have tried to be great role models to their kids but that does not always translate into their kids being the best. They also sometimes forget to show appreciation to this planet and its people. They are humans just like you and they would like to tell you that through Mags Magazine.

Magdalene is thankful to her readers for sharing their busy schedules reading Mags Magazine. She would also invite you to be a “Friend of Mags” by leaving your comments on the stories which you have read and reflected on, sharing your thoughts or asking Magdalene questions. She would like to hear from you as she also continues to face her own personal challenges, just like yourself.

Mags Magazine will be released in both hard copies and e-copies by March 30, 2016. To preview Mags Magazine, please visit: Mags Magazine – Soulful Encounters

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