Mondesir urges community response to suicides

Mondesir urges community response to suicides


Former Health Minister, Doctor Keith Mondesir, has urged a widespread community response to the prevention of suicides in Saint Lucia.

Mondesir spoke following the latest suspected suicide in Babonneau.

He acknowledged that emotional, mental health and economic problems are factors contributing to suicide.

Observing that mostly young people are taking their own lives, Mondesir told the Times that it may be deduced that emotional and economic problems may be the cause.

Expressing the opinion that not enough is being done to deal with the problem, the former Minister advocated dialogue with community leaders and church and other organizations.

He told the Times that in this way, the root causes of the problem can be identified.

Noting that Saint Lucia is currently in election mode, Mondesir asserted that it was a good time when political operatives are looking for votes to find out what kind of problems people are facing by involving constituency groups.

He said since young people have friends, the friends have to be become part of the solution by being made to understand the problem and get closer to people who speak about suicide, to be able to get to the bottom of what is causing it.

“When I was going on the ground I found out that there were too many young people with children and these people were good mothers who would sacrifice to give their children,” Mondesir recalled.

He said he had spoken about the matter on a political platform saying that it had to be addressed.

He asserted that there are too many young women who are not getting the help they need to support their children.

Mondesir noted that those young mothers in turn become depressed, and may turn to suicide.

He also pointed out that when a man does not have money to feed his children whom he loves, that father can fall into depression and think suicidal thoughts.










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