Vern Guard cracks down on prison indiscipline

Vern Guard cracks down on prison indiscipline

Director of Corrections, Vern Guard, marked one year in office with an anniversary parade at the Bordelais Correctional facility today.


“Morale is at its highest,” Guard declared in an interview with the Times.

He added that there had been an exponential improvement in the area of tardiness and reports of illness among staff.

The Director of Corrections asserted that officer confidence was evident in their attendance at some of the informal activities like karaoke and football matches at the prison which involved inmate players as well.

“I have tried relentlessly to ensure that we work out the disciplinary dynamics of the facility which we have done,” Vern Guard disclosed.

He revealed that he is passionate about discipline, as a culture of indiscipline had existed in the organization before.

Guard said he and his senior staff had also worked at beefing up security.

He observed that in the past year the prison was able to intercept 1,447 separate cases of cannabis, 347 mobile telephones, 76 weapons that were made by inmates in their cells and two thousand separate pieces of contraband.


“We have had a few situations where persons had to be arrested and charged but it is just one area of maintaining discipline in the facility,” Vern Guard explained.

In addition to discipline and order, the Director of Corrections explained that the prison has been working on becoming self sustaining in regard to food consumption.

He said that goal has almost been achieved in the area of ground provisions.

He gave the assurance that he wanted to ensure that he is doing all he can within the parameters of the  constitution and the  correctional services act,  to ensure  that the Bordelais  Correctional facility is the place it is supposed to be.

Guard, a former Inspector of police, succeeded Hilary Herman as Director of Corrections.





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  1. cleus
    February 27, 2016 at 5:10 pm Reply

    i dont care what his detractors say, what his critics say, but garde came to the facility too late. he should have been there about 4 yrs ago. he has already done much more in one yr that hilary herman did in 13 yrs. never before has staff morals, motivation levels been boosted. if he continues to do the good work he is doing, bcf will go a long way.

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