Dominica: Thief begs for longer imprisonment

Dominica: Thief begs for longer imprisonment

ROSEAU, Dominica (CMC) – Magistrate Sherma Blaize has sentenced a man to six months imprisonment after he found that his initial three month jail sentence for stealing a quantity of alcoholic drinks was not sufficient.

“Three months is not enough,” Charles Francois told the court as he was being sentenced Thursday following his conviction.

The court heard that he had stolen the drinks, worth just over EC$332 (One EC dollar =US$0.37 cents) between the period January 31 to February 4 this year.

Among the items stolen were vodka, brandy, wine and rum as well as beer.

He confessed to the police that he had stolen the items from the guest house and when charged with theft and cautioned replied “all shall eat and all shall drink”.

Prior to his trial, Francois had shouted that he deserved “a good rest” and as the court was being told of his previous convictions he responded “it’s not murder, or rape I did, all I have there is petty theft”.

Magistrate Blaize then sentenced Francois to three months imprisonment.

“Three months is not enough,” Francois said, with the magistrate increasing the jail term to four months.

“It’s still not enough,” he blurted out.

The magistrate then gave him a six month jail term.


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