No water at Sarrot

No water at Sarrot

The Water & Sewerage Company (WASCO) Inc. wishes to inform the customers in Sarrot and environs, it will be undertaking the routine maintenance cleaning to the water tank at Sarrot today 27th February 2016.

The areas which would be affected are:

Sarrot, Jacmel, Roseau, Sections of Marigot, Millet, Vannard, and Mon Dor,

The supply will be restored on completion of the works.

However, not all customers will have their supply restored immediately after the system is reopened. Customers at the extreme ends of the network and at high elevations will receive their supply within 24 hours following the reopening.

WASCO Inc. apologises for any inconvenience this necessary intervention may cause and it continues to seek your fullest cooperation as it seeks to make a supply of water available to every community.

The Water and Sewerage Company continues to remind customer to conserve water.

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