Caribbean Jr Chef Competition accepting applications

Caribbean Jr Chef Competition accepting applications

Seashell Consulting presented the S.Pellegrino and Aqua Panna “Caribbean Jr Chef” Championship at Cap Maison Resort and Spa on Monday 29th February, 2016.


According to Hanna Fitz, Executive Producer and CEO at Seashell Consulting, “we have seen how transformative competitions like this can be to a life of a person. The reward and success is not in hosting a competition but creating a space where a young woman or man can transcend his or her current position, interact with leading chefs and advance on his or her journey to becoming not just a chef but a great chef.


As title sponsors, S.Pellegrino and Aqua Panna brands are great alignments for any young chef’s resume and recognized world-wide. Food Experts all over the world agree that the two brands have the ability to combine perfectly in enhancing foods, wines and refined tastes. What makes S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna the Fine Dining brands of water is their undisputed elective affinity with the world of wines and, more in general, high-quality catering.


In 2014, Vernance Dore, a young man who had almost lost hope in his culinary dreams and Edna Butcher, a culinary diamond waiting to be mined and elevated, as a result of the Jr Chefactor event, gained employment with the award-winning Cap Maison Resort and Spa. Edna Butcher has gone on to represent St Lucia on the taste of the Caribbean team in Florida and was inducted into the hall of fame as Junior Chef of the Year and won a gold medal. These are the results and success stories of events like this. Transforming lives and creating momentum for their future in the culinary arts.


As markets change and the demand for greater excellence in the Caribbean culinary world increases, it is important for us to focus on the development of our young chefs. Food has always been known to bring people together, to share memories, express love and even close important business deals.


This is not a mere project or competition, it is a mission and movement to transformation the perception of young Caribbean people who are passionate about the culinary arts. It is a platform for creative expression and a catalyst for the growth and development of our culinary and tourism industry. All young Caribbean chefs between the age of 19-25 years resident in St Lucia, Barbados, St Martin, Curacao and Guadeloupe are eligible to apply by downloading the form at


They will be judged by our Grand Jury of International and local chefs: Chef Craig Jones, Orlando Satchell, Robbie Skeete, Rene Cahane, Elijah Jules. The event is being sponsored by DBS, the official television broadcaster, Bronze Sponsors: Cap Maison Resort and Spa, The Landings St Lucia, gl foodmarket, The Wave FM, Collateral Sponsors: Crown Foods, The Wave FM, Campari and Fabian Jules Production.


This is a truly great opportunity for young Caribbean chefs and St Lucian talent. The Regional competition will be held in St. Lucia on the 21st May, 2016 at award-winning The Landings Resort and Spa in St. Lucia. All young St. Lucian cooks and culinary talent who meet the age requirement are encouraged to apply. You can learn more on the website or our Facebook page


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