Dr. Juffali: UWP leader wants answers from PM

Dr. Juffali: UWP leader wants answers from PM

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Monday, February 29, 2016— Responding to the shocking revelation that the Prime Minister and the Attorney General are subject to a judicial review the United Workers’ Party is calling on Kenny Anthony to come clean on the appointment of Saudi Billionaire Dr. Juffali and start answering to the people of St Lucia.

In a television interview last week, Kenny Anthony has once again missed an opportunity to explain to St Lucia why he and his administration appointed a Saudi billionaire to the position of Ambassador to the International Maritime Organization in London – a post normally filled by a St. Lucian national.

Speaking today, Allen Chastanet Leader of the United Workers’ Party said: “Can the Prime Minister now come clean and answer five simple questions from the people of St Lucia including:

Where exactly the investment from Juffali has been spent?

Where is the promised diabetes clinic?

Was there any other promises made by Mr. Juffalli and did he deliver on them?

Were there any precondition requested by Mr. Juffali?

Did anybody from St. Lucia personally benefit from the appointment?

These five simple questions require answers now. The shocking truth is that St Lucian’s are still unaware of the amount of investment the government took in return for this appointment.

We are yet to see any evidence of any investment and the Prime Minister’s lack of answers continue to put a cloud over his administrations actions.

In addition to not providing any clarification on the appointment of Juffali, one of the most damaging revelations in the Prime Minister’s interview is his total lack of understanding of international diplomatic best practice.

Kenny Anthony’s defense of his actions are fundamentally flawed. In his interview the PM states that the United Kingdom would have to ask its diplomats to waive diplomatic status in these cases.

The PM is clearly unaware that this is exactly what the United Kingdom and other countries already do. Their diplomats do not hide behind diplomatic immunity in private, civil cases such as these.

It is Kenny Anthony’s insistence to protect a Saudi billionaire’s from divorce proceedings that is unusual, creating an international precedent and causing St Lucia embarrassment.

Kenny Anthony clearly does not comprehend the basics of how modern, democratic countries behave in diplomatic situations and he demeans his post through his ignorance.

Kenny Anthony’s appointment of billionaire Walid Juffali is costing St Lucian taxpayers money as we all pay for the government’s legal fees and for the damage to our country’s reputation. Each day the Administration has to defend it’s actions on the appointment of Juffali is another day that they are not focusing on sorting out the economic mess they have created and dealing with the crisis in crime facing St Lucia.

Commenting on the matter, leader of the United Workers’ Party Allen Chastanet said: “The Prime Minister’s insistence to represent the interests of a Saudi billionaire over the interests of the people of St. Lucia is causing irreparable damage to him and his administration’s reputation at home and abroad. His arrogance and ignorance is causing our country damage, costing you money and damaging the post of Prime Minister that he currently holds.

A sign of a good leader is that when you have made a mistake is to admit it and rectify it.

Its time for the Government to admit they made a mistake, answer the legitimate questions from citizens and come clean with why they appointed a Saudi billionaire.

They then need to let the people decide if they are fit to govern.”

A UWP government would act in the interests of all St. Lucian’s and remove Dr. Juffali from his post, appoint a St Lucian, launch an immediate enquiry into the actions of Kenny Anthony’s administration and focus on fixing the economic crisis created by Kenny Anthony.

It is time for the people of St Lucia to have the opportunity to pass their own judgment on him and his administration. It is time for a new start for the country.

It is time for new leadership. It is time for a new government. It is time for the United Workers’ Party.

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    February 29, 2016 at 12:53 pm Reply

    Really, UWP?
    This all you have to offer or present to us the populace for you to get into office?

    So with Jufalli and SLP gone, you can turn this island into “DISNEY LAND?” HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

    But, But,….. Lmao

  2. Anonymous
    February 29, 2016 at 8:21 pm Reply

    100% Agreed! I am neither Flambo nor Laeba. I am just into voting you in to do the job and firing you when you don’t get it done. KDA, you are FIRED!!!

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