Prudent Hosts Successful Independence Breakfast in Monchy

Prudent Hosts Successful Independence Breakfast in Monchy

The sweet aroma of coffee brewing in the early morning breeze was exactly how the day began in Monchy on independence morning. Then, suddenly, as the residents of the surrounding communities of Ravine Makok, Malgretoute, La Borne, and Des Rameaux slowly made their way into Monchy, it became increasingly clear that the independence breakfast hosted by LPM leader, Therold Prudent, was poised for huge success.

Later, as the gathering stood in observance of the national anthem, which played from a set of nearby speakers, there was no denying the deepening national fervour which points to the fact that after 37 years of independence, its significance is perhaps slowly creeping into the consciousness of our people.

That moment would not be lost, and this was very evident in the tone of Mr. Prudent’s brief address to the gathering:

Your country will always remain your country no matter what government is in power. Governments will come and go, but Saint Lucia will outlive them all. And so the onus is upon you, the citizens of our nation, to make our country greater by learning to separate your politics from your love of country. Remain true to Saint Lucia no matter who is at the helm of your government, because true patriotism isn’t defined by party colours but by the ties which bind us in service to our nation.

As the proceedings continued, the gathering would later participate in a number fun activities, namely an open quiz on Saint Lucian history and a game of musical chairs, where both children and adults alike competed in separate categories, much to the delight of the wider audience. Other highlights of the morning included a mini dance concert and the grand finale, which featured a raffle draw for which there were close to 50 prizes of mostly electronic items, continental breakfast packages, kitchen accessories, and spice baskets, as well as the disbursement of two academic assistance packages.

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