Prison officer murdered in T&T

Prison officer murdered in T&T

Another prison officer has been killed in Trinidad near his home – the second in four months – prompting the beginning of legal action to force the State to implement legislation to protect those employed in the prison service.

Police said Fitzalbert Victor Jr was washing his vehicle in the yard of his Laventille home around 6 a.m. yesterday, when an armed man approached him and opened fire. Victor, who had been in the prison service for about a decade, was shot several times.

Following the murder, Prisons Commissioner Sterling Stewart declared that prison offers were “under attack”, while the Prisons Officers Association (POA) accused the state of failing to protect prison officers and indicated it was taking steps to get the court to force government to do so.

On November 2 last year, Prisons Superintendent David Millette was also shot multiple times outside his residence. There has been no arrest in that case.

“For far too long officers have been killed and hunted down with impunity and it is time for decisive action to be taken. No longer can we continue in this way,” Stewart said.

“The fear of my officers is real, yet they continue to endeavour to secure the nations’ prisons and rehabilitate and prepare offenders for re-integration into society. I implore my officers to be extremely vigilant and cautious and act professionally in the execution of their duties. We are under attack! We haveeen for some time now and far too long. There are too many lawless, brainless killers roaming free. We call for justice. We demand decisive action now.”

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