Scrutiny for unverified voters list extended

Scrutiny for unverified voters list extended

The period of scrutiny for the list of unverified voters has been extended by one month, the Electoral Department has announced.

The announcement was made this morning by Chief Election Officer, Gasper Jn Baptiste, at a news conference.

Jn Baptiste explained that the list of unverified electors was published on February 7, 2016, with a deadline of March 15, 2016 for scrutiny.

However he explained that with the extension of a month, registered voters whose names appear on the list have a further opportunity to regularize their registration status.

Jn Baptiste warned that failure to do so will result in their names being deleted from the voters list in accordance with the elections act.

Nevertheless the Chief Elections Officer gave the assurance that an elector whose name is on the list of unverified voters, will be able to vote at an election if the elector presents himself or herself on election day.

Jn Baptiste also set the record straight in regard to the number of names on the list.

He disclosed that contrary to reports that the list contained 30,000 names, the number was actually 28, 127.

“Whereas you may say that is not a big difference, you must bear in mind that an election can be won by just one vote,” Jn Baptiste explained.

According to the Chief Elections Officer, between the end of February to now a total of 640 persons have availed themselves to regularize their status.

He revealed that the number of persons without the new ID card is a total of 26,351.

Jn Baptiste told today’s news conference that was the basis for undertaking the verification exercise.

He said the Electoral Department wanted to determine where persons without the new identification cards were.

In terms of the renewal of ID cards, the electoral official requested that all holders of ID cards that expire in 2016, no matter what month, to renew.

Jn Baptiste said such persons should walk with their birth certificates so that the Electoral Department could verify the information on its system.

He told today’s news conference that his department has a total of 68,324 cards to change this year.


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