National Helpline issues report

National Helpline issues report

From Monday 29th June 2015 to Sunday 31st January 2016 a total number of 239 calls were recorded some of which these individuals called on numerous occasions.

The helpline received calls from both male and female from the ages of 13-80 years.

This included a total number of 87 female callers and 94 male callers, a total number of 181 individuals.

There was a total number 49 high risk callers and 132 low risks callers which includes 28 high risk males and 21 high risk females, 66 low risks males and 66 low risks females respectively.

One prank call was received. More calls were received between the hours of 1:00pm to 9:00pm with a total number of 96 calls, followed by 78 calls which was received in the hours of 7:00am to 3:00pm and 65 calls were received on the night shift 9:00pm to 7:00am.

On a weekly basis the helpline receives a maximum of twelve (12) calls. Individuals call the helpline for countless reasons.

The five leading reasons for calling the help include: Suicidal Ideation with a total of 95 calls, Relationship issues 41 calls, stress related issues 34 calls, family related issues 30 calls and unemployment 21 calls.

Other problems include Substance Abuse, Mental illness and financial constraints just to name a few.

The helpline continues to put much effort into alleviating some of the distresses that individuals are faced with throughout the island, by informing persons of the available resources for assistance in the most effective and efficient manner.

Referrals are made to various government agencies such as the Crisis Center, Division of Human Services, The N.I.C.E office and other relating human services organizations.

The six leading constituencies where most call were recorded are Gros Islet with 32 calls, Castries South East 22 calls, Babonneau 16 calls, Castries North 14 calls ,Castries East and Dennery both with a total of 10 calls.

Immediate support during a crisis has also been shown to greatly reduce occurrences of suicidal ideation and distress.

One of the biggest reasons why our callers appreciate the helpline is the anonymous and confidential nature of the free service available to anyone at any time in need of assistance.

During times of crisis, people often feel more comfortable talking to someone they don’t know, enabling them to discuss feelings and concerns in a way that may differ from talking with friends and family members.


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