John Charlery plans to defeat Stephenson King

John Charlery plans to defeat Stephenson King

The ruling party’s candidate for Castries North, John Charlery, is planning to create an upset in Castries North by defeating the formidable Stephenson King in the next elections.

While acknowledging that it will be a tough job, Charlery told the Times that the “tower of strength” will push the “mountain.”

“I know to myself that on the day of the elections I will prove everybody wrong,” the Saint Lucia Labour Party candidate declared.

Charlery asserted that Castries North has issues relating to unemployment, security, and sporting facillities.

He disclosed that he currently has a team with him going from house to house daily to determine the needs of the people.

“I am not going to make any promises because you have to deliver, but I will see what is needed and work towards it,” Charlery told the Times.

Asked to predict the outcome of the next elections, the SLP candidate told the Times that he would not say that the ruling party would make a clean sweep at the polls.

Nevertheless he expressed confidence that labour would win the majority of the seventeen seats at stake.

Charlery was of the opinion that disagreements within the opposition United Workers Party would help his cause.



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  1. opps!!!
    March 5, 2016 at 6:30 am Reply

    I am a supporter of uwp but honestly king can lose his sit. He is to thin skin to arrogant ànd i cant explain the rest.

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