Weekend crime prevention tips

Weekend crime prevention tips

Crime prevention means being aware of your environment and remaining alert to situations that could make you vulnerable to crime. We cannot list specific measures that will protect you from every threatening situation, which may arise.

Instead, we hope to teach you how to think “Crime Prevention” in day-to-day living

Criminal Code of St Lucia 2008

Stealing From Person

According to Section 198 of the Criminal Code of S Lucia 2008

“(1) Subject to subsection (2), any person who steals from another person is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for 7 years, or on summary conviction to imprisonment for 2 years.

(2) If because of a previous conviction either summarily or on indictment, for a similar offence, or for any other cause the magistrate is of opinion that a summary charge under this section ought to be tried as an indictable offence he or she may deal with it as such.

(3) Property is stolen from a person if it is stolen from the body, clothes, or immediate presence of a person”.

The 2015 Crime statistics revealed that for that year, 555 incidents of Stealing from Person occurred.

Here are some tips one can use to lessen the chances of being a victim of this crime:

1. Always be aware of your surroundings

2. Don’t plug your ears with devices like headphones whilst walking through any public way

3. Wear less attracting valuables especially in public places and events

4. Conceal electronic valuables like cell phones, tablets etc. until ready for use.

5. Always be aware of your valuables when travelling on public modes of transportation.

6. When occupying a window seat of a vehicle, be aware of the way you handle valuables as an offender can reach in, grab and run away.

7. When paying for any service or goods at any public counter, don’t rest cell phones, tablets etc. on counter, rather place these items in a bag or hand them over to a companion.

8. Always record serial numbers of your electronic valuables and always mark your item in a way that is known to only you.

9. If you do become a victim of this crime, try your best to observe the offender for onward description to the police.

‘Do have a great and safe weekend”

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