Sister says deceased had alcohol problem

Sister says deceased had alcohol problem

Shana Mitchell, the sister of deceased La Croix Maingot resident, Sebastian Michel, has said that her brother had an alcohol problem.

Michel was allegedly shot dead by his younger sibling last night at about 11:30PM.

Police have reported that the alleged perpetrator is now on the run.

Speaking about the deceased, Shana Mitchell told the Times that although he was a loving and kind individual, whenever the 42-year old drank alcohol he would become aggressive and want to fight.

She disclosed that the deceased, who was unemployed, had been drinking on the night that he died.

According to Shana, earlier that night the deceased had been involved in an argument with another sister whom he later slapped.

She told the the Times that the younger brother became involved.

Shana disclosed that she left the house where the altercation was taking place and went to her home, where she later heard the news that the older brother had been killed.

Another relative disclosed that both brothers had a history of confrontations and had both been consuming alcohol on the night of the fatal shooting.

Ironically, they are both reported to have made plans to work the family land today and plant some crops.

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