‘Cold cases’: Antigua lawmen report success

Lawmen are reporting success in apprehending a number of individuals who are implicated in what they term “cold cases.”

On Friday, they arrested and charged 32- year old Granville Sabrata Gordon, aka ‘Birdman’ of Five Islands for the January 5 2008 killing of 18 year- old Tyrell Brann of Gray’s Farm.

“Allegations are that Gordon opened fire at Brann and three other young men, while they were walking near his farm at Five Islands. Brann was struck in the head by a bullet and was pronounced dead on the spot,” A police press release said.

According to the police, Gordon fled the country by boat soon after the incident and has been living in St Vincent. He was deported and sent back to Antigua. He was picked up by police at VC Bird International and taken into custody.

Gordon will make his first appearance before the court today.

This is the fifth person, in recent times, that police have apprehended and charged for killings which were committed in the past.

Toby Benjamin of All Saints was charged for the 2014 killing of Charles Hughes of Cashew Hill on February 11, 2014. Charged also is 26 year-old Methoni Adolphus Vernon, of Jamaica, for the death of Roy Carridice of Cassada Gardens. This incident took place at Cassada Gardens on July 1, 2014.

Additionally, Meryl “Tula” Chiddick and Aundrey Joseph, both of Greenbay, were arrested and jointly charged with the killing of Liberta resident Conroy Andrew on November 10, 2014.

Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson said recent breakthroughs in several cold case crimes are due to a combination of strategies the Force has employed to bring perpetrators of crime to justice.

“It is as a result of continuous investigations, forensic evidence and as a result of intelligence that comes to light from time to time,” he explained.

Robinson said both he and the Criminal Investigations Unit (CID) would review unsolved cases with a view to give families closure in cases where their family members have been murdered.

The commissioner said the Force is still investigating a few more “cold cases” and the public will be notified when breakthroughs are made.

“You can’t solve every crime, but we have to do as much as possible so they can, at least, be some finality brought to the matter,” he said