Bandits attack Bocage family

Armed bandits attacked a Bocage family at around noon today, making off with a firearm, cash, valuables and the family vehicle – a 2007 Grand Vitara.

The license plate for the stolen vehicle is PA 2208.

Choice Television Journalist, Miguel Fevrier, who is related to the family, told the Times that the incident occurred at about 12:30 PM this afternoon.

He said the intruders wore headgear and face covering.

According to Fevrier, at least three bandits, two of them toting firearm and one a cutlass, entered the home where a husband and wife and the wife’s nephew were at the time.

The husband, identified as Alvin Hassell, was hit with a cutlass to the head, Fevrier told the Times, adding that Hassell also sustained an injury to his arm when he raised it to protect himself.

“They then asked for his firearm. One of them said ‘I know you. You have a gun. Where is the gun?” Fevrier said.

He disclosed that Hassell, in an attempt to throw the intruders off, declared that he was not in possession of the firearm but that it was with his brother.

However Fevrier said that one of the bandits kept insisting that the firearm be handed over and held a gun to Mrs. Bertha Hassel’s head, threatening to shoot her if he did not obtain the firearm, which was identified as a Beretta .380.

Fevrier said his Aunt, accompanied by the gun-toting intruder, went to get her husband’s gun.

He revealed that the bandits stole about four hundred dollars in cash, Hassel’s wrist watch, his mobile telephone, another mobile telephone, and his Aunt’s mobile phone as well.

They also took both keys for Hassell’s grey Grand Vitara and made their escape.

According to Fevrier, no one  of the Bocage family was seriously injured.

But he did acknowledge that his Aunt’s husband sustained bruises to his head and arm.