Deceased Canadian was “absolutely fit!”

Deceased Canadian was “absolutely fit!”

Klaus Nenn, the brother in law of deceased Canadian hiker, Christopher Diachuk, has said that Diachuk was an absolutely fit individual who had qualified for the Boston marathon and had won many awards as a marathon runner.


Nenn disclosed that on Saturday when Diachuk went on a hike to the summit of Gros Piton, he appeared to be fit.

“We started climbing Pitons where three others dropped out and he and the guide went on,” the Brother in Law disclosed.

He stated that because the deceased had a home in Arizona, he was used to the heat.

Nenn said the cause of Diachuk’s death is unknown.

He revealed that he was award of reports that the deceased Canadian was asthmatic and used an inhaler.

But Nenn explained that because Diachuk was a frequent public speaker he used the device to “loosen up his throat.”

“The misunderstanding was that he used it in a health capacity,” he observed.

Nenn said Diachuk was a well-respected man in Canada, a Doctor of Psychology who worked with a Police Department in Canada as its Chief Psychologist dealing with matters such as minority issues.

Despite the tragedy, Nenn said:

“We would not hesitate to return to Saint Lucia because we love the Islands and their people.”

He said his Brother in Law had come to visit from Canada on a boat and fell in love with the Pitons.

The group had also visited Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Nenn disclosed that they have lived in Saint Lucia for the past ten years for six-month periods every year.

He said that since Diachuck’s death, the family has received hundreds of emails from the United States and Canada.

“We are all shocked,” he remarked, noting that the deceased was the “original family man” who loved his family and got along well with others.



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