SLHTA Apprenticeship Success Story – Jeannica Jean

Outsource Saint Lucia has retained the expertise and enthusiasm of Jeannica Jean in the capacity of Sales & Marketing Executive. Ms Jean is another success story of the SLHTA’s Apprenticeship Programme which was launched in December of 2014.

Jeannica lived most of her life in the community of La Guerre Babonneau, an area with a very strong culture and rich history. She attended the Leon Hess Secondary School and after graduating in 2007 she started working with Saint Lucia Insurances Ltd; spending approximately 6 years with the company.

Recognizing an innate zeal and passion for serving people, Jeannica decided to give the Hospitality and Tourism Industry a try and applied for the SLHTA’s Apprenticeship Programme. Though she was not placed where she had initially hoped for, she accepted an apprenticeship with Outsource Saint Lucia which was just fine for her because she still gets to meet and network with industry personnel.

Jeannica remarked that the atmosphere in the office was very welcoming and the employees made her feel at ease. “I think the qualities I possess are more or less my dedication, and my willingness to go all out in the interest of the company. Also what made me successful was my positive attitude towards my work,” noted Jeannica.

She added, “Having the right attitude is important because it determines whether you are a good candidate for the job. A lot of young people often say ‘the people work’, but at the end of the day the employees make up the company. If the company is successful, then you succeed.”

With her eyes firmly set of advancing her career, Jeannica is currently doing her Marketing Degree with ABE and her dream is to become an airhostess.