Vieux Fort South Constituency Council Celebrates Employees

Vieux Fort South Constituency Council Celebrates Employees

Prime Minister and parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny Anthony, spent the afternoon of Sunday March 6th, with constituents at the Staff Recognition Ceremony of the Vieux Fort South Constituency Council.

Councilors, community philanthropists and esteemed staff of the constituency council were all in attendance at the awards ceremony which took place at the Vieux Fort Town Square.

Prime Minister Dr. Anthony wishes to congratulate the recipients, and the entire Vieux Fort South Constituency Council on their exemplary service to the residents of Vieux Fort South.

Dr. Anthony remarked,

“We have to try hard to create a country where people are not left out. I want to applaud the council for their outstanding work. It is on your backs that this country benefits, you make this country what it is, and I am so proud of you all.”

The Prime minister noted the importance of celebrating the achievements and tireless dedication of staff of the constituency council.

The Awards categories and recipients include:

·         Female and Male Worker of the Year – Etheline Ruben

·         Male Worker of the year – Gerard Epiphane

·         Overall Best Employee of the year 2015 – Stephen Lollol

·         Best Foreman of the year – Clement Perpie

·         Best Kept Public Facility in the Constituency – La Ressource

·         Academic Proficiency Award – Pinky Joseph

·         Mayor’s Choice Councilor of the year award – Billie Jn Baptiste

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