Zandoli message on International Women’s Day

Zandoli message on International Women’s Day

Zandoli would like to take this opportunity to recognize the distinguished work of our women; after all, we were founded by one!

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Camille St. Omer changed the conversation in St. Lucia throughout the Caribbean when she launched the famous “Zandoli Petition” to the Government of St. Lucia.  Ms. St. Omer launched all the programs under the Zandoli umbrella to date, including the Zandoli STEM Council which encourages technology education for young girls.  As a student of Computer Science herself, Camille built and maintains the Zandoli website since she launched it in June 2014.  She maintains the informative ZIF blog, and the social media outlets on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.  Ms. St. Omer started Zandoli as a concept  in June 2014 and registered the organization one month after.  Within it’s first month of operation Camille managed to secure some very notable members and Zandoli was now in 7 countries.  Zandoli’s first endeavor was a school supply campaign launched in August 2015 where our organization sent backpacks with school-supplies to Saint Lucia.  Camille is the single financial backer behind Zandoli, maintaining the nonprofit solely on her income as a consultant in the Raleigh-Durham area.

“There is this misconception that we raise millions, or that we have powerful figures backing us.  In truth, we are a small group of dedicated individuals with a shared vision and purpose.  There is so much that we need to do, but we never let not having enough funding stop us from getting the job done.”

Even down to the very funds to get the petition presented in St. Lucia and provide stipend money for staff, all this comes out of pocket.

“People always ask, where do you get funding?”  “And my answer is always, from my pocket.”

During May 2015 Ms. St. Omer with the help of some very special ladies launched Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes.

The following women have been instrumental in one way or another in advancing the mission and goals of Zandoli International Foundation.

Zandoli would like to recognize the work of it’s valued female leaders who serve as directors, representatives of our partners, and our many members and volunteers.

These women have worked hard with little to no recognition for their efforts.

Zandoli would like to say a special thank you in honor of International Women’s Day 2016 to:

Camille St. Omer Founder & CEO Zandoli International Foundation


Gina Maharaj – Vice Chair of Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes

gina camillle


Bertillia Jean Baptiste – Director of Faith Based Missions

Jeanita Foster – President Zandoli Saint Lucia

Angel Regis Felix – Director of Women’s Empowerment and Human Development



Monica Casely – Partner – St. Lucia Association of Connecticut


Felicia Browne – Adviser – Human Rights Advocate

Janelle Douglass – Partner – President Taraji Foundation

Kassandra Mitchell – Partner – Director – Caribbean Association for Youth Development

Nailah John – Advocate

A very special thanks to International Child Rights Advocate, Vincent McDoom who selflessly lends his celebrity and history of abuse towards a healthy and more accountable
culture. Vincent has fought a long fight with his own high profile case on sexual abuse as his uncle, the former Speaker of the House of St. Lucia resigned in response to a memoir by Mr. McDoom.  In a book published in 2005 by French press, as Vincent lives in Paris, the fashion icon recounts the pain of his past and uses these experiences to uplift victims and spread messages of healing. We could not do it without you!

Thank you and Happy International Women’s Day 2016!

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