Archbishop: Society is less caring

Archbishop: Society is less caring

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Saint Lucia, Archbishop Robert Rivas, has asserted that the society is becoming less caring, with the result that persons may not notice the needs of others around them.

Rivas spoke in the context of a spate of recent suicides.

“We have to show care for people and we have to be good at listening to members of our family, in work places, in company among friends, so that when you hear someone making certain remarks or behaving in a certain way that may give clues that something is not right and the person is considering suicide,” he said.

Rivas observed that today many persons are “individualistic” and “self-focused.”

He said that because persons are not alert, they could miss signs of an impending suicide.

“People have grave needs and sometimes they cannot carry the burden alone and they end up taking their lives,” Rivas explained.

He said that everyone has a part to play in making the situation better, since suicide is an issue that touches the entire society.

Rivas disclosed that the Catholic Church is observing the year of mercy.

“”Mercy means caring and reaching out to others,” the head of the local Catholic Church stated.

He observed that God is merciful and cares, and expects people to be merciful and caring.

Rivas asserted that the society needs more love, care and mercy that exists right now.

“We have to be less individualistic and more community concerned and relate to each other in a more caring way than we do right now,” Rivas said.


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