Catholic group says Jesus is the answer

Members of a Catholic group now in Saint Lucia for a brief visit, believe that Jesus is the answer to the moral decay sweeping countries around the world, including Saint Lucia.

Zoe Myers, the group leader, told the Times that the reason for moral decay is because people do not have a relationship with Jesus.

“That is why Pope John Paul the second called for a new evangelization, because we need to understand that we are made for a relationship with Jesus Christ,” Myers asserted.


According to her,  is only by saying yes to the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus that people will have true happiness, and more importantly, eternal life with him.

Myers is part of a group of sixteen Catholic college students from the United States who belong to an organization called Focus.

“Our primary mission is to go out on college campuses in the US to teach the gospel and encourage students to spread the gospel,” she explained.

The Catholic group is doing the same thing here by visiting schools and institutions on the Island.