Norbert Williams reacts to his firing

The Communications Director of Zandoli International, Norbert Williams, has hinted that the organization parted company with him over differences of opinion.

“In organizations like that you have differences of opinion as to how things are done. I am surprised by it myself, but there is nothing much to do anymore since I played my role as best as I could and that is what it is,” he asserted.

Williams said:

“There is a lot of information regarding that which it is not necessary to play out in the public and it is not necessary to wash these things out in public.”

He said everyone knows who he is and his record speaks for itself.

The former Communications Director of Zandoli International revealed that he received an email in the late hours of this morning informing him of the situation.

He disclosed that he remains committed to obtaining justice and redress for victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Williams,an outspoken advocate against sexual abuse, just this week presented a petition to Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds, for a sexual offender registry to be created in Saint Lucia.

He had also been making the rounds on television and radio talk shows to discuss the proposed registry.

A brief statement to the media from Zandoli International Foundation said that asĀ of March 8, 2016, Williams was no longer associated with the organization in his former post as Communications Director, or in any capacity.

“ZIF would like to thank Mr. Williams for his hard work and dedication while serving with our organization.We wish him the best in his future endeavors,” the statement said.