MP:Government neglect increasing Zika risk

MP for Castries South East, Guy Joseph, has asserted that government neglect of his constituency has increased the Zika risk and the likelihood of other mosquito borne illnesses like dengue.

“There is a clear indication that the operation of the government within the constituency is very questionable and necessitates major investigation,” Joseph said in an interview with the Times.

He noted that the constituency is flood prone and that Saint Lucia is on the alert to reduce the Zika risk.

However Joseph lamented that in his constituency there are many clogged drains with stagnant water.

The Castries South East MP told the Times that some of the drains have been clogged since 2013 after the devastating Christmas Eve trough.

He lamented that the government has not seen it fit to clear not even one of the drains.

At the same time Joseph accused the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration of spending millions of dollars in attempt to unseat him as the MP for the area.

“Here you have the Prime Minister who is the Minister of Finance saying that he is going to spend money to unseat me as the MP, but will not spend the money that is required to do the basic things that the people of the constituency are entitled to,” the former Minister of Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities said.

Joseph described the situation as the highest level of victimization.

He declared that it was also the lowest level to which a Prime Minister can stoop in the political arena to try to undermine democracy in Saint Lucia.

Joseph declared that the people elect whom they want to serve them.

However he claimed that Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony was using the machinery of the state to fight an election, while neglecting the basic needs of the people.

Joseph said the roads in his constituency are also being neglected, although he tries to being some measure of relief to the people of his constituency by organizing self-help projects.

He told the Times that rumors were being spread that he had one million dollars allocated to him every year.

“This is an outright lie,” he said, adding that the government has never made any such allocations to him.