Robbery victim issues security alert

Robbery victim issues security alert

The robbery victim at Bo Cage has urged all citizens of this country to be wary of their security.

Alvin Hassel and his family were attacked on Tuesday, March 8, 2016, by armed bandits who entered their home through an open door, assaulted Hassell and made off with cash, valuables and a Suzuki Grand Vitara.

The vehicle, minus the number plates, has since been recovered by the Police but the device that enables entry and starts it is still missing.

Hassell recalled that it was a nice bright day when he and his family were cooking their midday meal.

The robbery victimtold the Times that because the day was hot, the front door was open.

“We were not expecting anything of that nature,” Hassell said.

However he disclosed that after the incident, his family’s sense of security has been shaken.

“It is very difficult, because after something like this has happened you no longer trust anyone,” Hassell told the Times.

He stated:

“You look at everyone around you differently and you wonder who could have set this thing up because I believe it was set up. They had obviously been monitoring my comings and goings and my wife’s comings and goings and they knew we were both home and that the front door was open and it was an opportune moment.”

In addition to cash, valuables and the family’s Grand Vitara, the three bandits also held a gun to the head of Hassel’s wife and forced her to get his firearm.

After obtaining the firearm, the criminals fled the scene.

Hassell was hit several times on the head and arm with the flat side of a cutlass during the armed robbery.

However a medical examination had revealed that there was no damage to the skull.

“These are difficult times that we live in, the economy is difficult and some people are desperate and try desperate things. I would like to encourage everybody to be security conscious and monitor their surroundings,” Hassell, 54, said.

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  1. Joe
    March 10, 2016 at 12:09 pm Reply

    Alvin has always been a nice individual. Sorry that this has happened to him and his family.

    St Lucia need a sea change in attitude and values to overcome this problem.

    From the time this government came into power in 1997 they have had inly one agenda which is using the people to fill their pockets.
    They have never stood up for the values that make a country great and have allowed the idea of Freeness to determine how people respond to everything.
    They have ignored internal security and law and order while spewing vile attacks through their mouthpieces at all who do not toe the line.
    The youth see these incompetents getting rich and want part of the freeness.
    Poor St Lucia.

  2. Anonymous
    March 10, 2016 at 9:09 pm Reply

    Let’s find these bastards and kill them des guys should not go to bordelaise they are to dangerous

  3. Whatever
    March 11, 2016 at 7:54 am Reply

    We all agree as to the gravity of the situation, however writing like this… “The vehicle, minus the number plates, has since been recovered by the Police but the device that enables entry and starts it is still missing.” Would that be… THE KEY???

  4. Anonymous
    March 11, 2016 at 8:33 am Reply

    I am just through reading about this tragedy, OMG what is happening To Our Sweet St. LUCIA, OUR HOMELAND, which was was so timid and occupied by a beautiful loving people. I am a friend of the family, I know them for so many years. They are one of the seeetest, kind and loving people I know. Alvin is such a kind hearted and loving soul. He and his family does not deserve that. I am so shaken just reading about the incident. The tears are just rolling down my face because I feel for them. I can’t imagine how traumatic this is.

    Something needs to be done about the crime in St. LUucia. The Government and the Police Force needs to get their act together , grow some iron balls and take action. My.Prayers goes.ot to AL amd Bertha and to this country. Realizing how much Crime is so rampant and escalating gives me the creeps to even come home on Vacation. WHAT A SHAME. BUT MY LOVE FOR MY COUNTRY IS STILL BUBBLING IN MY BOSOM WHILE THE FEAR FOR THE LIFE OF MY LOVED ONES GIVES ME THE SHAKES.

  5. Anonymous
    March 12, 2016 at 7:44 am Reply

    Sweet St.Lucia…a term i hear tossed about very loosely…what is so sweet about St.Lucia?…this I would ask….no work for people, worse for young people…health care system in shambles, education system that is failed…transportation system that is substandard, WASCO still facing the same problems that it did for the last 50 years instead of it getting better its getting worse all we get is lip service….LUCELEC ripping off its customers with the support of our government…..and we pay some of the higest taxes in the world here in these small islands so our ministers can live high off the hog…..we pay tax on salaries, we pay tax on all good imported to the tune of an average of 100%. When we purchase a vehicle we pay for it twice we are even charged taxes on the cost to ship ….and now on top of all that we are hit wit VAT…now tell me who is gettin suckered here?…what is so sweet about Sweet St.Lucia?, oh I forgot the ripe mangoes …….

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