Rufus Bousquet says UWP slate barren

Former Choiseul MP, Rufus Bousquet, has told the Times that the current UWP slate of candidates  for the next elections looks barren, weak and bereft of quality.

Bousquet blamed the situation on the criteria for candidate selection.

“Your most important quality if you wish to be a candidate for the UWP is to show absolute devotion, love, submission to the leader, “ the former Foreign Minister asserted.

He added:

If you walk into the room wearing out your knee caps and your elbows and bow before Mr.  Allen Chastanet, then no matter what people think, you will be the candidate.”

Rufus Bousquet said that if Chastanet has any doubt about someone submitting to him and what he wants, then that individual does not have a chance of becoming a candidate.

The former Choiseul MP described UWP leader, Allen Chastanet, as a lightning rod for opposition, the biggest problem in the UWP and the biggest benefit to his opposition.

“You can see that the focus is now on Mr. Chastanet and it is not by accident, because I think they recognize that that he is the weak pillar in the building and they are looking to knock it down,” Bousquet told the Times.

He said there was “ample ammunition” to do so.

“I know they will get upset, but at the end of the day it is the truth,” he declared.

Bousquet said the only time that Allen Chastanet is not an autocrat is when he is  trying to “smooth” someone over with nice talk and submission.

“If you fall for that you would be a fool,” he said.

Bousquet, has announced that he will run as an Independent in the next general elections.

He told the Times he believes it is common knowledge that the UWP leader has selected an individual to run the Choiseul seat.

“In those circumstances, knowing the reaction of the people of Choiseul to me and knowing that they repose a tremendous amount of faith in me as a representative, I don’t think I should let them down,” Bousquet  explained.

Bousquet said when one examines what the UWP has become, it would be foolhardy for anyone to become mixed up with the party.

He recalled that his own father had run as an Independent and won  in the 1960’s.

“I see no reason why I can’t repeat history,” he said.