SLP accused of encouraging minors to drink

Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, has accused the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), of encouraging minors to drink alcohol.

“They are spending excessive sums of money in the constituency on alcohol and other things to try and win people over,” Joseph said in an interview with the Times.

He claimed that in some of the cases, alcohol was being bought for minors.

Joseph explained that SLP candidates are sponsoring open bills at bars which remain open, so that anybody can enter and take a drink.

He told the Times that this was happening throughout his constituency in Castries South East.

Joseph asserted that there was one particular candidate, whom he did not name, that enters bars and spends hundreds of dollars on drinks.

He wondered where the money was coming from.

“Is this labour party money? Is this an individual’s money?” The former Minister asked.

The MP said:

“I don’t know if they think that when people are sober they will not support the ruling party so they are trying to get people as drunk as possible.”

Joseph told the Times he was not saying that people cannot be given a drink.

However he asserted that the SLP was trying to win an election by buying alcohol for people.

“Some of these same people for whom they are buying alcohol in the shops for, their children are going to bed without three square meals a day,” Joseph declared.

He also asserted that some of the people cannot afford to send their children to school every day.

According to Joseph, the resources could be better utilized to address some of the social problems in the constituency.

Among the problems he highlighted were families that cannot pay their bills, feed their children or send them to school and a high level of unemployment.