Trash: Saint Lucia among top 10 countries

Saint Lucia has been named among the top ten trash generating countries in the world by

The information was based on World Bank data.

On its website, said that this country generates 4.35 kilograms of trash per capita per day.

While noting that Saint Lucia is an idyllic Caribbean Island that is well known and a popular resort area for tourists around the world, the website nevertheless observed that the issue of littering has become a major problem both in terms of locals and visitors.

“Illegal dumping has also resulted in increased populations of mosquitoes and other pests,” asserted.

It noted that the problem has become especially troublesome due to the crisis involving the recent outbreak of the Zika virus.

According to the website, water contamination and marine pollution are “major” ongoing environmental issues here.

Trinidad and Tobago was the highest trash generating countries with 14.4 kilograms per capita per day.

Antigua was listed as having 5.50 kilograms per capita per day, Barbados, 4.75, Saint Kitts and Nevis, 5.45, and the Bahamas, 3.25.