PM says serial rapists on the loose

Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony has asserted that small as Saint Lucia is, there are serial rapists on the Island.

“We need to track them down. We need to find them,” Anthony declared as he addressed a political meeting of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) last night to mark International Women’s Day.

He said there was need to ensure that the serial rapists are not free to commit acts of violence against women.

Anthony called on the society to raise its voice to deal collectively with the problem confronting Saint Lucian women.

He said the time has come for a change in the rules of evidence in court so that women do not feel dehumanized and embarrassed that they have to give evidence before Judges and Juries, recounting the trauma of their experience in the full gallery of a court of law.

“We do not subject men to that kind of torture,” the Prime Minister said, adding that offenders cannot be successfully prosecuted if victims of rape are continuously put through such traumatic experiences.

Calling for changes in this country, Anthony recalled having repeatedly expressed his personal view that the police must establish a dedicated unit to deal with problems of rape.

He called on his audience not to give lip service to the abhorrence of rape in the society.

Anthony described rape as not only being a criminal offence, but also an act of violence.

He declared that the battle against rape will not be won, if there is not a change of beliefs and attitudes.

According to Anthony, this needs to start in the home.

“We men need to understand that when a women tells us no, she means no,” he said.

Anthony added:

“When these acts occur in your homes, among your friends; when they occur among your neighbours; you must understand that you must have zero tolerance.”





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  1. sani
    June 1, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    kenny made this story thats why you will looose