SLP urges UWP to caution supporters

SLP urges UWP to caution supporters

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has received numerous complaints that flags, posters and SLP banners are being ripped from utility poles, trees and homes in the village of Dennery.

In some instances, the perpetrators of this unacceptable act have even entered property that is fenced to take down red flags and posters. These flags are sometimes replaced with yellow flags while the SLP paraphernalia are left lying in the streets and gutters.

The SLP condemns this act and calls on the United Workers Party (UWP) to caution its members and supporters against such practice.

One would have thought that the plea issued earlier this year by Hon. Victor La Corbiniere for a safe and violence free campaign would be heeded and all steps would be taken to guard against even the smallest infractions against opponents.

However, some UWP supporters, either on instruction or on their own volition, have been seen engaging in the destruction of SLP campaign paraphernalia and personal property.

Certainly, this is not a very good start to the campaign.

The SLP recognizes that such acts are typical of politicians who are desperate and under siege.

The SLP cautions its members and supporters against retaliation in like manner.

Despite the provocation that such acts produce, the SLP calls on all its supporters to respect the property and material of the UWP.

There will be no tolerance of this behavior in the camp of the SLP. As has been done in the past, all members and supporters will be encouraged to conduct themselves in a respectable and acceptable manner during the campaign.

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  1. Yoshi
    March 12, 2016 at 12:19 pm Reply

    This’d is a damn lie, these posters were ripped off poles and trees and houses due to the strong winds earlier this week in Dennery. The people reporting this are too political defore they see a poster or a flag down they are quick to accuse UWP supporters. No UWP supporter has done this, it is all a lie. It is the SLP that is doing what they are accusing other of, I’ve seen them.

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