Tapion Bay dolphin dumped

A dolphin that was discovered at Tapion Bay today has been disposed after attempts by fishermen to slice it up for later consumption.

Police this morning stopped fishermen from removing  the animal after it washed ashore.

Christopher St Prix, one of the fishermen told the Times that the dolphin, measuring an estimated  fifteen and a half feet, had been discovered dead early this morning.

“This morning a friend of mine called me and said there was a black fish at Tapion Bay so I left home because I was curious, to come down to see,” St Prix explained.

He told the Times he summoned some friends who helped him to remove the dolphin.

“We were going to cut it up, because they had a lot of people there, and give everybody a piece but the police stopped us and told us that we need to wait  for the officer from the Fisheries Department to come and look at the fish to see if it was good for consumption,” St Prix disclosed.

He made clear that the animal was dead when he and his friends saw it.

“The tail was bleeding, but it was dead,” St Prix told the Times.

The dolphin, which was reported to have been a female, was later taken away from Tapion Bay  and dumped at the Deglos landfill.

dolphin on tapion beach stluciatimes.com

dolphin on tapion beach stluciatimes.com